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About When the Heartbeat Stops

When the Heartbeat Stops was written as a grieving coping mechanism.  When the tears seemed dried up and the outside world seemed ominous, author JaRonda Dockett turned inward to process the darkest moments of her life.  To her surprise she would find others in the same hidden grief - friends, family members, coworkers, strangers - who had also suffered pregnancy losses and the sting of death.  Sharing the stories of these women helped JaRonda learn that she was not alone in this heavy grief, and writing the book helped her to message to others that they were not alone either. In crafting this short book of personal narratives, JaRonda's hope is that everyone can see themselves inside another person's story.  The hope is that though miscarriage is difficult to discuss and talk about, it can be viewed as another kind of loss, grief, and love.  And as a result the conversation on pregnancy loss does not need to be hushed and silenced, but instead welcomed and comforted.

Pregnancy Photoshoot
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